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YEIP by Reginald Grant, MSEd – Youth Entrepreneurial Impact ProgramThe YEIP approach emphasizes learning and applying fundamental academic skills. Including research (reading), plan development (writing), financial analysis (math) and the integration of technology (STEAM). All requiring the application of “critical thinking skills” the critical skill of the 21st-century student and business professional. Standards-based curricula which is task-based and is designed to combine academic and applied to learn. This curriculum is aligned with Common Core Standards, National English, Language Arts, Math, and Technology standards (STEM). 
YEIP™ is focused on eSports (Gaming), Sports,
Education and Technology. We firmly believe that IP (Intellectual Property) is the currency of the future. Urban creativity and innovation have yet to be tapped and is ready to explode with new ideas and companies of the future. By helping students learn how business functions we empower them with the skills for today and tomorrow

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New Hope Academy Of Change ( NHAC) is a Non-profit Community-based organization dedicated to improving the lives of underserved "at-risk" student-athletes throughout  Los Angeles County in the cities of  Long Beach, Carson,  Compton,  South Bay and thought out Los Angeles County.  Our services are designed to enrich, empower and enlighten the whole child - body, mind, and soul.

 NHAC provides the services listed below:

  • Academic Instruction/Educational Services - Approved by the California Department of Education to provide Supplemental Educational Services to low performing and "at-risk" students grades K-12 throughout California school districts, per the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Provide academic instruction in English Language Arts, Mathematics,Test preparation, College preparation SAT/ACT. Additional services include Character Development. Community Service opportunities. Field Trips to Colleges and Universities. longtime partnership with UCLA, I'm Going to College " outreach program.

Too Tired to Teach? Training Program

This training puts in place simple to use organization design operational models for staff administration  to connect the mission with successful measurable outcomes such as energized  classroom teaching, which leads to student retention, student success, and happy parents..

Success Stories by Reginald Grant, MSEd – Workbook Version - Success Stories: Insights by African American MalesThis workbook and the online course are designed to be used in the classroom for youth 10 years and up in alignment with Common Core Standards. It includes 6 of the 19 stories in the original text. Success Stories: Insights by African American Men" is an inspirational collection of stories by 19 African American Men. It also includes researched-based information by Reginald Grant, MSEd on Reaching and Teaching African American Children. A cross-generational collection of stories from college students to men in retirement, a true glimpse into the journey of African American Men in America. 

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Welcome to the online Technology Learning Center, an educational portal with beginner to advanced technical coursework. The classes are for all levels of knowledge and can be used for secondary electives, credit recovery, and instruction for industry certifications. 

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Win All Four by Michael Kostoff, M.A. Ed. Win All Four: A Guide for Athletes, Parents, Counselors and Coaches. (Volume 2)

Why Create This Workbook? So many athletes around our country spend countless hours working the fundamentals and techniques of their sport in hopes of becoming a college athlete. Most have been dreaming of this since they began playing in the youth leagues. The purpose of this workbook is to give every high school athlete and their parents the understanding and a plan to become a college student-athlete. My hope is for the athletes to use the information to increase their chances of making their dreams a reality.