Director of Special Education

Dr. Cook has a doctorate degree in Special Education, served as Teacher, Facilitator, Curriculum Specialist, Site Administrator , Director of Special Education.  . She  provides service and training to teachers on Differentiating Instruction, Learning Modalities, Analysis of Test data to Drive Instruction.  She has also presented at the CDE Title I Achieving  Schools Conference. Her role is to provide guidance counseling  assistance to students with IEPs, advocate for students of Special Needs and provide  Professional Development for  parents/caregivers and teachers of Special Needs students. Dr. Cook assists clients with maintaining medication regiment, public benefits and educational opportunities as appropriate.  She assists with mental health,  domestic violence and safety planning services and referrals.​​

​​Sports Operations/Coaching Community Outreach-
Kinesiology major and athletic coach attended San Diego State University. He teaches athletes how to develop proper movement techniques, Athletic coach and Kinesiology. Teach athletes  the development of proper movement techniques, competition, sport-specific skills, athletic injury prevention care training, and adequate recovery. Makes referrals to high school and colleges of identified highly skilled athletes. In addition, assists with conducting community/ parent workshops and provides relevant information on the recruitment process and college readiness. Provides counseling and guidance and mentoring to students. 

Dr. Naomi Ferns 

Our Staff Model

Dr. Denice Price, CEO

Rothana Thach


Jon Gary, M.F.A., Ed.D , Educator Professional Development

Dr. Liby Eduarte – Training Specialist, Teaching Substitute Program

Education and Counseling

Mr. McKee a former NFL football player,  has a Masters degree in Counseling and has served as a Counselor for the NHAC for the past 10 years. He  also worked as a  Principal of Alternative Education High School, Middle School Guidance Counselor and Teacher.  He has worked with diverse student populations and at-risk students in large urban school districts such as, Long Beach Unified School District LBUSD  and Compton Unified School District (CUSD). Participant in Anti-Drug Video for the NCAA and NFL for inter-city athletes.  He established a comprehensive counseling and guidance program for the LBUSD  His role is to  assist students in gaining the knowledge and life skills that contribute to effective learning.  

Mary Zavala

Administrative Assistant/ Community Liaison

Bilingual: Spanish

​Ms. Barretto is a Sociology major and strives to motivate and inspire all students and clients to a positive change. She is compassionate and demonstrates genuine care and concern for all clients and youth.  She assists with conducting Parent/Community workshops and forums in English and Spanish. She believes "If there is hope there is change" 

Community Liaison
Bilingual:  Khmer

Ms. Thach assists NEW HOPE staff with Parent /Community workshops and Forums on social issues and education. She is bilingual and is sensitive to the needs of the Cambodian Community. She works diligently to problem solve and provide assistance to the Cambodian Community as she is bilingual and speaks Khmer

Lila Manyweather

Erik McKee

Our Team

The NHAC staffing model includes Executive Director, Directors, Project Administrators, Intensive Case Managers, Counselors and Coordinators. There are other key staff who will also be involved to ensure the success of the program including  NHAC  founders who will take part  in the oversight and training. These individuals consists of Educators, Case Managers, Community Health Workers, Clinical Social Workers, Counselors  Program Managers and Support Staff . These individuals   have  expertise in youth development and  hold advanced degrees in Education Counseling and Social Work. They  have had success in increasing student achievement and academic performance in low performing schools and districts for over two decades.

 NHAC have a strong curriculum foundation including an understanding of technology.  The staff is equipped with knowledge and expertise to resolve conflicts among people and work with them in such a way as to "bring out their best".  We are progressive leaders who adhere to the "open door policy", maintain high visibility, listens to teachers, students, staff, and parents. NHAC Board members are actively involved in community activities and are aware of the problems that educators face and continuously contribute to NHAC goals of assisting at risks students.

In an effort to communicate and serve Y-ICMS populations throughout Los Angeles County, NHAC employs bilingual staff consisting of services in English, Spanish, Khmer, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Polynesian Languages, American Sign Language, and other various languages and dialects. 

NHAC staff have degrees in Sociology, Psychology  and Counseling.  Staff  consists of educators who  hold teaching credentials, licenses in counseling  Bachelor's Degrees, and advanced Degrees (i.e. Master's and Doctorate).  These educators have had success in increasing academic performance , work readiness and employability with the Y-ICMS population. 

NHAC has a strong and diverse team of twenty (40) full-time and(45) part-time employees with combined skills and experience to work effectively with diverse populations, organizations, and community sectors.  

Reginald Grant, MSEd

Educator, Psychologist 
Dr. Ferns  has a doctorate degree in education, Masters degree counseling, and School Psychologist license and has served students in K-12. Administer formal and informal assessment. Coordinated the Student Success Team SST, and assist parents/caregivers with resources and referrals to services. An advocate for all students.


David Price

Dr. Blanche Cook

Director of Curriculum and Staff Development

Dr. Greta Price, has a BA in Sociology from UCLA and has previously served as an Elementary Teacher, Title I Curriculum Specialist,  Guidance Counselor (K-8), Certified Peace Builder, Instructional Specialist (Grades K-8), Elementary Principal, and Administrator of No Child Left Behind.  Role is to support students academic, career, and social growth.  Dr. Price conducted assessments (GATE, STAR, CAT 6), facilitated the Student Success Team (SST), Individual Education Plans (IEP), Character Education, Discipline Strategies and assisted students with Goals and Action Plans.  Developed in-service to teachers In Title I school.  Provided in-service and training on administering the CAT  Test.  Provided in-service on Service Learning and Reading/Language Arts and math. Worked with Beginning Teacher and Assessment program  (BTSA). Facilitated weekly support meetings and informal evaluations of the teachers'  progress.  Has twenty-six (26) years of educational experience.

Dr. Greta Price, has a BA in Sociology from UCLA and has previously served..

Michelle Barreto

​Dr. Greta Price

TOLL FREE: (855) 589-5556
Technology College & Career Development,
Masters of Science in Information Technology, Major in Information Systems Security, Career Technical Education credential, Business & Finance; Information & Communication Technologies; Marketing; and Sales and Services, 22 years United States Army Professional Experience Certified College Career Counselor and Scholarship Representative Operate a program called Career Direction in Steps .. it is an all-inclusive college and career center database that prepares high school students for post-secondary education, promising employment, trade, technical, vocational certification, and dual career opportunities including the military. Ms Manyweather provides assistance with educational, vocational and employment services as appropriate for  each client. 
Instructional Coordinator
Ms Zavala Has a Masters in  Education specializing in Bilingual Education from CSULB. She has  Served as Teacher including ESL specialist for students including  Cambodian , Chinese, Hispanic and Vietnamese.   Designed and implemented an English Language Development Program that focused on the needs of the Limited English Learners in grades K-12. As a Curriculum  Specialist assisted with the development of a balanced reading program in alignment with the District's  English  Language  Arts Curriculum program students. Assisted  Spec Ed and RSP teachers. She  Assisted  Spec Ed and Resource Specialist Program( RSP) teachers of  assigned LACOE elementary schools, Ms Zavala also provides training  to parents and community on health and nutrition and intervention strategies for gang intervention. She assists with referrals to primary medical care mental health services and other community services as needed. Ms Zavala also provides eviction counseling  and advocates for clients. 
 CEO, NEW HOPE ACADEMY OF CHANGE, Educational Corporation and Commissioner Citywide Advisory Commission-City of Carson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of New Hope Academy of Change, (NHAC )Dr. Denice Price, is a graduate of UCLA with a B.A. in Sociology/Psychology, Counseling, Educational Administration, and Ed.D in Educational Leadership.   She holds four credentials: Multiple Subjects teaching, Single Subject teaching (social science), Pupil Personnel Services (Counseling) and Administrative Services.  She has worked grades K-12 as  teacher, high school counselor, therapist and elementary school principal large in urban, low performing school districts. During her tenure as principal, test scores and students’ academic performance increased significantly under her leadership. She has published an article entitled, “Do the Right Thing.”

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 New Hope Academy of Change
 Curriculum Consultant

An educator for the past seventeen (17) years, Reginald is a consultant in the areas of Curriculum Development & Teacher Training. He is also considered an expert in Reaching and Teaching African American and Urban Children.  He often Speaks Professionally and does  Workshops and events across the nation. He is the co-founder of the Grant Language Academy and CEO of He works with numerous organizations and business across the nation and as an ex-professional football player (Jets, NFL, and Ottawa, CFL) he works in business development for the Retired NFL Players Congress.

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