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 New Hope Academy of Change
New Hope Academy Of Change ( NHAC) is a Non-profit Community-based organization dedicated to improving the lives of underserved "at-risk" youth throughout  Los Angeles County in the cities of  Long Beach, Carson,  Compton, and entire South Bay.  Our services are designed to enrich, empower and enlighten the whole child - body, mind, and soul.

 NHAC provides the services listed below:

  • Academic Instruction/Educational Services - Approved by the California Department of Education to provide Supplemental Educational Services to low performing and "at-risk" students grades K-12 throughout California school districts, per the No Child Left Behind Act. Provide academic instruction in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Test preparation, College preparation SAT/ACT. Additional services include Character Development. Community Service opportunities. Field Trips to Colleges and Universities. longtime partnership with UCLA, I'm Going to College " outreach program.

  •  Career Development/Employment Services - Provide workshops and training in Job Readiness/ Assessment/Search, Resume writing, Interviewing skills, Job Coaching,  Dressing for success Communication skills, Financial planning, Computer technology.

  • Substance Abuse Treatment -  Service  Provider for youth ages 12-20. Partner with the Department of Health Care Services, California Access to Recovery Effort (CARE) program.  Received a grant from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. SAMHSA. Services include Recovery Support, Relapse Prevention, Peer Coaching/Counseling Spiritual Counseling, Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, Health Education, Gang Intervention.

  • Health Right 360 - Approved to partner with Los Angeles County Probation Department to provide Job Readiness and Employment training to clients reentering the community.

  • Community Service - Partnership with  the Volunteer Center - South Bay/harbor /Long Beach with the Court Referral Community  Service Program allowing misdemeanants the opportunity to perform community service in lieu of a fine or incarceration